Leisure, Recreation & Non-Medical Home Support for Seniors


EngAging Senior Support Services provides leisure, recreation, and non-medical home support to seniors in the community. We offer opportunities to engage in meaningful activity and empower individuals to maintain their abilities to help improve quality of life and overall life enjoyment. We provide companionship, recreation services, homemaking, accompanied outings, and daytime caregiver relief.




Unique Qualities

  • Meaningful Recreation Activities

Promoting healthy aging by providing opportunities for seniors to engage in meaningful recreation activities. With this, we can help our clients find meaning and value in each and every day.                                        

  • Personalized Program & Service Plans

Following the completion of a detailed assessment, we develop programs and service plans that are tailored to suit our client’s individual and unique needs, strengths, interests, goals, and expectations.

  • Active Listening

Encompassed in all services, we strive to provide and utilize our active listening skills. It is our empathetic way of attentively listening and responding to someone, improving mutual understanding and trust. We want our clients to feel heard, not judged.

  • Empowering Clients to Maintain Abilities
We encourage our clients to focus on all the things they CAN do and what they can look forward to. Also, helping them to maintain their current abilities by motivating them to assist with tasks such as holding the bag for yard clean up and helping to fold laundry.  This will have a direct impact on the clients feeling of self-worth, sense of purpose, dignity, and feeling of independence.


  • A Consistent Face Providing Service
with a Smile!  😊
Justine organizes the services, completes the assessments, and provides the service. Therefore, the same person takes care of everything from start to finish.



Getting Started 

  1. By contacting us we can begin by answering your questions, provide more information about our services, and discuss how we can help.
  2. If services are deemed appropriate we will then set up your complimentary in-person consultation.
  3. An initial Services and Recreation Assessment will then be completed. Depending on need, a secondary recreation assessment will be developed.
  4. As our client, you decide the time of day and how often per week/month you would require our services. Our services are billed by the hour, with a minimum of 1 hour per session. 
  5. We will finalize the schedule and Service Agreement before starting our first session. Family members are welcome to attend this first session.
  6. A client daily record will be kept after every session. Regularly we will complete a progress report to see where we are at with meeting our clients goals. This is where we will also review any changes that need to be made to the plan due to changing needs and interests. 
  7. At all times we welcome ongoing communication between our clients and their family members to help us deliver the best possible service. 


"People may not remember exactly what you did or what you said, but they will

always remember how you made them feel." | Maya Angelou


Promoting Encouragement, Enjoyment, & Empowerment.
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Phone:  778-872-0150
Email:  justine@engagingseniors.ca
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